Attaching Arduino uno to program LedLabs


Remove atmega from programmer  and install in LedLabs connect rx,tx,rst, and 0v from programmer output connectors and connect to LedLabs, program in usual way. When using this way rx on uno board connects to rx on led labs and similarly tx to tx.

Atmega328pu, removed from Uno board and rx,tx,rst and 0v connected to LedLabs to program
LedLabs program ports
Uno output ports tx,rx,rst and 0v
If, programs fail to work, change the 16mhz crystal as may be faulty from soldering (this is after checking for bad solder connections underneath


usb to serial converter, to directly program some micro-controllers







If using usb to serial converter like FTDI232   tx then connects to rx on led labs and vice versa.  The pins used on this device is 4 of the 6  DTR, TX, RX, 0V.    VCC, CTS pins can be omitted. When this device is plugged in to the computers usb this provides the power VCC, the 0V of this device requires connecting to led labs for the common ground. The DTS or (reset) pin of this device requires a 100nf in series before it connects to the reset of led labs, then rx to tx, and tx to rx.